W. Kim Tae Kwon Do


Black Belt Journey

Black Belt Candidates are asked to write essays sharing their personal journey to their Black Belts.

Below are excerpts from the past 32 years…


     Tae Kwon Do is great for me and my family! For almost two years, my entire family atttended class together. Our family motto became “The family that kicks together sticks together!”  W Kim Tae Kwon Do taught us how to be a better family, and I know that it brought us closer together.   ~CAROLINE, age 17



    When I first started Tae Kwon Do, I was very shy, but soon learned that everyone was family.  Every time I go to the school, everyone is smiling.  I was taught many things like, respect, discipline, and most of all, how to defend myself.  I am very proud of my accomplishments and I feel I have been given a lot that I can use in the future.                ~Zachary, age 7



       From the start, I knew that getting a black belt would be my goal!  What I didn’t know was how fufilling the journey along the way would be.  First, participating in Tae Kwon Do reinforced my belief that you are never to old to set your sights on a goal and accomplish it. The beauty of Tae Kwon Do is that no matter what your age or physical fitness level, you can utilize it to improve your strength, your flexibility, your coordination, as well as your mind.  In addition to providing me with an avenue for becoming more physically fit, Tae Kwon Do taught me valuable skills of self-defense and tapped into the competitive spirit within me….Perhaps the greatest reward of this journey towards black belt has been the relationships I have made along the way.  Masters Kim and Tae have been a source of inspiration and encouragement to me from day one and continue to do so today.  Their respect and integrity motivate me to acheive my personal best in Tae Kwon Do.                                                       ~Wendy, adult



     There are so many benefits that I gained in achieving my goal of becoming a black belt.  I became more active in sports.  It helped me focus in the activities I do in school and at home.  It also helped me lose weight.  It helped me become more confident and I gained more friends.  It taught me the meaning of perseverance, which is never to give up and doing the best you can even if you are exhausted.  ~Joseph, age 12



       I’m a changed boy since I started Tae Kwon Do.  I feel like a leader (not a follower).  I feel like I can accomplish any task that is put upon me.  I’m more confident with myself.  Becoming a black belt is a very special thing for me.  When I see a black belt I think, “he or she must have worked very hard to get there”.   ~Ciro, age 9