W. Kim Tae Kwon Do


brentAssistant Master

Brent Steffens

What I like best about being an instructor:

Getting to support the positive growth of students. It’s amazing getting to come back and see students I have known for years step into their own as leaders and instructors at the school.

Why I chose TKD:

I chose TKD because it has the perfect balance of dependency for me. I have to depend on myself to accomplish the personal goals that I set for myself, and when I work hard or accomplish a goal I know that I can be proud in myself and my effort. I can also depend on those around me, to help support me, encourage me, and push me to achieve that next level, whatever it may be. Having people who support you and care about you is indispensable.

Why I chose W. Kim TKD to train:

I chose W. Kim TKD to train because it was transformative for me when I was younger, and it would have been silly for me to give up something that had such a big impact on my life. When I was younger, I had quite a bit of extra energy. Instead of seeing it as a hindrance, I learned to channel and focus that extra energy into improving myself.

Why I chose W. Kim TKD to instruct at:

I love to teach. I love Tae Kwon Do. Putting the two together has been amazing.

Year I started TKD:


My favorite kick: 

Back Kick

My favorite form:

Basic 1. You have to start somewhere and I feel like I’m getting pretty good at it now.


Hockey, History, Geology, Mindfulness


Reading, Cooking

Favorite Food:


Favorite Color:


My life/school achievements:

Being right were I am, right now. Looking back on my experiences so far, and appreciating the many people and situations that helped push me to be the person I am today.


Assistant Master Chloe

College Degree/Employer:

Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology; currently employed at Grand Valley State University