W. Kim Tae Kwon Do


Assistant Master

Chloe Steffens

What I like best about being an instructor:

I really enjoy seeing people grow around me. I love helping people out, it puts a smile to my face to see that the same kids I taught years ago are now older and more awesome than they have ever been.

My favorite kick:

Back Hook Kick

My favorite form:

It’s a ¬†toss up between Taebaek and Kuemgang. Taebaek because of the fact that it challenges me with balance and control. Kuemgang because it looks so cool performance-wise.

Chloe Foronda


Tae Kwon Do, Video Games, Singing, Music in general, Going to concerts, Goofing off with friends, Athletic Training, Reading


Crafting of ALL THE THINGS (sewing, knitting, crocheting)

Favorite food:

Anything of the Chinese/Asian variety

Favorite colors:

Blue, Purple, Green – and an iridescent version of all those colors is fantastic

My life/school achievements

Graduated on the honor roll from LZHS (2008). Associate in Art from College of Lake County (2013). Associate in Science from College of Lake County (2013). Bachelor degree (to be completed in 2016) in Athletic Training from Trinity International University with a minor in Foreign Languages.


Engaged to Assistant Master Brent Steffens :)