W. Kim Tae Kwon Do


Assistant Master

Ehren Hager


What I like best about being an instructor:

Knowing that I helped a child have fun at class or seeing their improvement, having the opportunity to teach and work with children, watching the transformations of children from the point of their very start and the great leaps in progress they make over time, watching kids progress and enjoy classes as they do it.

Working with children teaches you the life skills of being friendly with people, cooperating with difficult situations, and learning how to build cherished relationships. I have seen students come into class being the most difficult, and in a matter of weeks I’m using them as an example for other children to follow.  These are hands-down my favorite moments, for nothing makes me prouder of a child than seeing that complete change.

My favorite kick:

The Split Kick/Chamber Kick. I think the theme of excelling in high jumping and reaching kicks will never fail to amuse me.

My favorite form:

I really love performing Palgwe Chiljang since it covers a lot of different techniques and allows me to use plenty of power.  Of the Taegueks I would say Pahljang is my favorite.

Ehren Hager

My interests:

Tae Kwon Do, Playing the cello, Camping, Friends, Paintball

My hobbies:

Playing with my dogs, reading articles

My favorite foods:

Bratwurst and hamburgers

My favorite color:


My life/school achievements:

Life Scout in Boy Scouts, reached my goal of attaining Eagle Rank before age 18, 4.0+ GPA, achieved rank of 2nd Degree at age 15.

College Degree/Employer:

Will graduate Barrington High School in 2015, followed by college (perhaps engineering/mechanical),  studies German, helps in family’s garden center.