W. Kim Tae Kwon Do


Assistant Master

Mark Wilhelm


What I like best about being an instructor:

Aside from helping people learning the TKD that I love, seeing everybody’s progression is very fun and interesting.  The transformations are just astounding.

markWhy I chose TKD:

I started doing TKD when I was a kid because it was the only thing around at the time (a long time ago). Aside from that, TKD focuses on kicking and having relatively long legs, it utilizes my body’s natural advantage.

Why I chose W. Kim TKD to train:

W. Kim was one of two schools in the area. When Rachel wanted to take Martial Arts, I went in to W. Kim and talked about TKD, our goals and the school philosophy. I “audited” a few classes and felt the school was a good fit for my daughter and me.

Why I chose W. Kim TKD to instruct at:

It was a natural progression from practitioner to instructor.

Favorite kick: Jumping Back Kick

Favorite form: Taegeuk Chil Jang

Interests: TKD of course!

Hobbies:  Woodworking, Brewing, Computers, Music, Robotics

Favorite food: Anything my wife makes as she is an excellent cook!

Life achievement: Daughter Instructor Rachel

Spouse/Children: Wife Susan/Daughter Instructor Rachel

College Degree/Employer: I have a BS degree in Zoology and an MBA in Marketing