W. Kim Tae Kwon Do


RosarioAssistant Master

Rosario Postiglione


What I like best about being an instructor:

Sharing my passion for TKD with students and the feeling that I get when I see their improvements and see them grow into the art.

Why I chose TKD:

I find the kicking techniques spectacular, I love how people respect each other, it gives me self-confidence.

Why I chose W. Kim TKD to train:

Because it is family run and family oriented; also how W. Kim makes sure that all members fit in with the school values.

Why I chose W. Kim TKD to instruct:

Because Kwan Jang Nim Kim is my Master and I feel privileged to be his student and honored by his trust in my Instructor skills.

Year I started TKD:

1996 was when the seed was planted, 2002 was when it bloomed at W. Kim TKD.

My favorite kick:

Back Hook Kick

My favorite form:



History and Science

Your hobbies:

Fishing, RVing, Training my German Shepherd

Your favorite food:


Your favorite color:


Your life/school achievements:

Becoming a TKD instructor, owning a business.

College Degree/Employer:

BS Electronics / CMA-CGM America


Lara Postiglione (3rd Dan) spouse, Ciro Postiglione (2nd Dan) son, Luca Postiglione (2nd Dan) son, Sabrina Postiglione (Black Belt) daughter…most people “opt” to be our friends…