W. Kim Tae Kwon Do


samanthaAssistant Master

Samantha Lifson


What I like best about being an instructor:

I love being able to teach others the knowledge that I was, and still am, privileged to learn. I feel like I’m passing on something absolutely great when I can teach a student a form that I learned when I was their age. More importantly, I just love seeing each student enter and leave with a smile on their face. It’s such a great feeling to see a kid finally accomplish a technique he or she was struggling with, and to run up proudly to their parents whenever they receive their next stripe or belt! I love feeling like a positive influence and a helping hand in my students lives, and being able to watch them achieve their dreams is something I wouldn’t give up for the world.

Why I chose TKD:

When I was 3 years old I saw the movie Mulan. It was such an inspiration! I couldn’t believe how amazing a girl could be, especially in a world meant only for the boys. I wanted to be just like her! Wanting to become like Mulan translated into taking martial arts!

Why I chose W. Kim TKD to train:

I can’t picture myself anywhere other than W. Kim. This school is such a large part of my life. It’s more than a second home to me; it’s a place where I know I’ll always belong and it’s filled with people I know I’ll have in my life forever.

Why I chose W. Kim TKD to instruct at:

After spending so much of my life devoted to training at W. Kim Taekwondo, instructing there was just the next step up! I was so honored to become an instructor, and to teach others what I love to do. I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. Everyone at W. Kim is like my family, I can rely on everyone there and I know I’ll never find a place that I feel so welcomed and accepted.

Year I joined W.Kim TKD:


My favorite kicks:

Side kick, jump turn round house, or jumping front snap kick.

My favorite form:

Koryo form. I poured so much time, energy, and sweat into making that form ready for competition.


Taekwondo, dancing, singing, Korean/Japanese music, drawing, reading, writing


Taekwondo! Dancing, video games, drawing, tennis, badminton, eating, sleeping, playing with my doggies.

Favorite Food:

I love food! But my favorite has got to be sweet potato fries.

Favorite Colors:

Bubblegum pink and sky blue